the gardener gave me wilted roses, september 2014

shower/fading outmarch 2014, falmouth
(trying shit out)

shower/fading out
march 2014, falmouth

(trying shit out)

(i am large, i contain multitudes.)*

I posted the series (I am large, I contain multitudes.) about a month ago on both my website and my blog. Some images of the series are scattered around on the web on its own, which I find really cool, especially with its concept in the back of my head. I never gave any explanation except for the title, hoping people would make up their own idea about it. I still want people to do that, but for those who are interested in what all these self-portraits actually mean to me, I’m finally here with my intention. 

These images of myself are all ideas/images project on me, which is something I’ve been very aware of.  These self-portraits are not me, they’re others’ ideas of me. It was therapeutic in a sense to actually be those ideas for a few minutes so the camera could catch it. Some Elieses are such superficial, hollow persons, some are so complex, almost unable to photograph. It’s weird being so many people. I could do this forever, there as many images of me are as there are people(probably more as ideas change in the course of knowing someone). I might pick this up again, but I’m gonna let it rest for a bit, do some other things, leave my image alone. I hope you enjoy them.

*the title is a quote from a poem from Walt Whitman called “Song of Myself”, which I’d recommend. 

sunlight in the bathroom, spring 2013

sunlight in the bathroom, spring 2013

Oh hey, a question not involving photography: which are your favourite podcasts? I’ve literally asked this on every social media-profile I have but I really want to get to know good ones to listen to while working. Thank you!